Really Great Bread I Made For Easter

Let’s be honest. Pioneer Woman makes great food.

This recipe was on her blog clear back in 2009! And I didn’t find it until I read her second cookbook! For SHAME!

Some recommendations and explanations:

It is important to use sea salt and not just salt from your shaker. There is a size difference, which ultimately leads to a taste difference. If you prepare them both ways, you’ll taste the difference. Just take my advice and only use sea salt or none at all. (I realize all salt is pretty much from the sea. You want to use the stuff that’s not pulverized to tiny crystals, but the stuff that has some substance.)

It is important to use cast iron skillets. And lots of butter. Both impart a quality you need. Otherwise, Pillsbury will do the trick. This isn’t Pillsbury, people! (No offense. I love me some Grands biscuits, too!)

I used frozen bread dough instead of rolls. Weis brand, to be exact. Why? Because I wasn’t sure how much I would need to make, and I’d rather have too much dough than not enough. And I think it’s cheaper. It may not be, but I’d like to think so.

Just follow Pioneer Woman. Her recipes are tasty.

Now go make some tasty rolls! Everybody needs a few carbs in their life! 🙂


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