Easiest Steak Marinade Ever

My husband the farmer is PA Dutch through and through. Butter and salt are the only seasonings they believe in. Yeah, it makes me gag a little, too. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I use my fair share of both, but there is more to life than butter and salt!

I used a steak marinade not too long ago and the other half says, “Hey, this is really good steak. What marinade did you use?” FINALLY! Usually my marinades are “too spicy,” but apparently this one hit the spot.

Thank you, Wildtree, for saving my season-loving life.

Take your steak.

Dash on some lime juice.

Then some lemon grapeseed oil.

A few dashes of Worchestershire sauce and soy sauce (shh. . . don’t tell him there’s “that Chinese crap” in there!).

Then Rancher’s Steak Rub.

Let sit for a few moments.

Turn it over and sprinkle on more steak rub. It’s tasty!

Then grill.

YUM, dude!

Even Farmer Lee ate up.


One thought on “Easiest Steak Marinade Ever

  1. sometimes it’s the things they don’t know what is in the recipe make for the best meals….but shhhhh, it’s our secret!

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