Farmer Lee, the Problem Solver

It’s a Wednesday night. It’s my night out. One may think I’d be drinking wine somewhere with friends,  but alas, I am speaking at a farming workshop.

So, I texted my lovely husband to check in on the dramatic kid. Listen, I love her, but she is dramatic and I call it like I see it. I have no idea where she gets that. Really, no idea…

I received this photo with the caption, “I’m a problem solver.”


Yes, Lee Gauker. You absolutely are a problem solver.

You see, our super dramatic kid cries hysterically if you leave her by herself in the room. Always. Hysterically. Like, you’d think she’s dying. If you take her in the bathroom with you and have to put her down to you-know-what, she cries. Hysterically. Like she’s dying.

This photo is taken in the bathroom. She’s in her chair. Apparently to solve her ridiculously dramatic hysterical crying, he took her into the bathroom with him, with her chair so she didn’t have to sit on the rug in the bathroom. Not on the floor. In her chair. Still able to use the bathroom.

Congratulations, Lee Gauker. You won the night! You are a problem solver.

*Claps hands slowly*


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