I’ve Hit Crazy, Fat Momma Cow Status and I’m Not Sorry

That’s right, livestock friends. You’ve heard it here first. Crazy, fat Momma Cow over here. Like, way bad crazy. #sorryimnotsorry

Today, when I dropped the containers of meat Step 2 baby food from my hands full of milk and coffee creamer for the 3rd time this afternoon, and the nice manager man said, “slow down. You got more things than you were planning to,” I wanted to look that man directly in the eyes and says, “sir, you have NO IDEA how right you are.”

Instead, he placed my milk on the counter, the nice associate went and got me a new container of baby food that luckily did not open or explode all over the floor, and I went and got myself a basket. After all, I could handle all of this stuff I wasn’t expecting to get. I just needed to get a basket to carry it.

So, I slowed down, gathered my things in the basket, checked out, and went home. Then, I put Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on for Callie, and poured myself a glass of dry red. Everything is fine.

Why? Why was I rushing? Why was I letting a crazy lady I was emailing with previously make me a frantic, crazy lunatic when I already was carrying so much stuff?! Seriously though?! Why do I do that to myself? Why do YOU do that to yourself? It makes us drop things and be a crazy person!

We’ve all got stuff, man. All of us. Family. Kids. Work. Life. The abundant amount of stupid or ignorant people who purposefully make our lives harder than they need to, taking our attention away from the things that matter most?! My stuff isn’t bigger than yours, and your stuff isn’t bigger than the next. We’ve all got stuff. How we chose to overcome it – that sets us apart.

Get the dang basket already. Help yourself first. And if you know someone who needs to hear it, tell them to get a dang basket.

Who knew there would be wisdom in a trip to get milk today?!

Don’t be the crazy, fat momma cow. Be the fat and happy momma cow. They have way more fun.



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