We’re All Busy, So Let’s Vow to Not Use That Excuse Anymore

The title of today’s blog kind of gives away my feelings right now. For the past few months, really.

Let’s just lay it all out there on the table. Most of the people I know are busy. I mean, really busy. They’ve got families, and jobs, and other jobs, and farms, and a social calendar, and sometimes kids, and if not kids then pets, and volunteering, and clubs, and… and… and…

There’s always pretty much something to do.

So forgive me if we’re in a professional setting and you tell me you’re sorry you’re last minute/late/doing things half-assed because you’re “busy,” and I roll my eyes so hard you’re pretty sure my eyeballs are going to pop out the back of my skull.

No, really. Forgive me.

Some of us took on more than we can chew. Some of us got handed responsibilities we weren’t prepared for. Some of us just like to keep a really filled social calendars which include volunteerism, because let’s be honest, volunteering, while noble, is really benefiting a social good, so that’s social. And some of us just honestly suck at prioritizing and don’t REALLY have too much to do, but can’t organize it, so we scramble and THINK we’re busy.

I’m sure at one point, I’ve been one or all of those things. To be completely honest with you, right now, it’s more of options A and B, but I’ve been C and D as well. No denying that. I own it. (Let’s ALL do ourselves a favor and self-identify with at least one of those options. I think we don’t have to dig too deep to do so.)

It’s May. It’s the beginning of summer. The days are getting longer. The weather is getting warmer. And there are more activities than ever taking up our time. Can we PLEASE do ourselves, our friends, our co-workers, our families, and all other relational entities a HUGE favor, and be honest with ourselves.

If we’re too “busy” and don’t want to be, let’s prioritize and eliminate.

If we’re too “busy” and we were handed circumstances that we weren’t prepared for, let’s find ways to cope, deal, and move on for the better. We’ll be better people for it.

If we’re too “busy” and we don’t want to keep up with the social calendar, how about we prioritize, eliminate what we can, prioritize the rest (hopefully they’re in the same order), and fulfill appointments in that order, without overcrowding.

If we’re too “busy” because we procrastinate, let’s do some self-reflection and learn to prioritize. Make to-do lists that are REASONABLE for the set time frame and work to accomplish those things before making another list. Let’s try to keep this strategy. It won’t be perfect, and we’ll more than likely have piles of lists, but let’s try really hard to work on one list at a time, and be realistic about time frames for completion.

Can we all do ourselves that favor? Seriously. My eyes need a break to see what’s going on in front of me! Thank you, in advance, for your help. 🙂


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