What’s WRONG with her? And suggestions on how to be a tactful friend.

HI! Where has the time gone? A few weeks ago, Farmer Lee said to me, “You didn’t blog during harvest this past year? Why didn’t you blog about harvest?”

Well, I was kind of busy. Doing things like trying to stay alive and have your kid, Farmer Lee. But it’s cool. You do you, over there.

So, what HAVE I been up to? Well, I’m so glad you asked.

On Tuesday, on day 132, Callie was transferred to a small pediatric rehab hospital! It’s closer to home, and they do a lot of therapy there to help her get ready for home. It’s an amazing place. I’m so glad she’s there. I’m so glad she’s almost home.

Over the past four months, I have learned just how polar our society is. We have been showered by God’s grace through simple acts of kindness by friends, family, and strangers. I can’t even begin to tell you how incredibly supportive most have been. I would like to team some people up with these samaritans, though. Sometimes, people are just plain RUDE.

I get it for the most part. I wouldn’t know what the heck to say if someone had told me a year ago their kid was 14 weeks early, 4 months old, and still not home. I definitely wouldn’t be able to hold a poker face as I stood there in complete shock. But the lack of poker face isn’t what I’m talking about here. Here are a few things NOT to say to someone who is caring for a premature baby:

“What is WRONG with her?”

“Will she be slow?”

“She has a trach now? I hope she won’t have that forever. Right?”

“You can’t take care of her with THAT.”

“You’re still working? How can you be away from her? Is that good for her?”

I don’t think I need to explain to you, good people of the Internet whom more than likely know me (or read my posts and know how I roll). If you think I had the opportunity to make up any of the above statements, well, let’s just suffice to say I don’t have the time, nor creativity, to invest in making up this stuff right now.

I could dwell on that, but I don’t. I can’t. Our family has received SO MUCH love and support and friendship over the past 4 months. SO MUCH. I can’t even quantify it. Perfect strangers have walked into our life because they have heard our story and wanted to help, and we’re forever grateful.

A word of advice as we move forward in our days: Be a friend. Be a friend REGARDLESS of the struggle you know or do not know your dear friend is facing. We’ve all got struggles. Some of us wear them on our sleeves, and some don’t. Just know we all have them, and I’ve yet to meet anyone who couldn’t use a friend.

You know what friends do? They pick up where you last left off. They show concern, and they LISTEN. They know when you have had enough and move on when they need to. They show appreciation for the friendship they have with you, and are there for you when you need them to be (and they know you need them to be, because they LISTENED to you).

Until next time, go forth, and be a FRIEND!


One thought on “What’s WRONG with her? And suggestions on how to be a tactful friend.

  1. Oh Jodi, so true. This momma’s heart hears you. Strangers become friends and friends become strangers. The rude people are the best they have given us such joy ( insert sarcasm). Hang in there the best is yet to be.

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