Reblog: Thought of the Week: Not the Perfect Farm Wife

I could not have said it better. Especially after my episode last night? What episode? So glad you asked.


Last year, after we finished putting straw away, I fell into a hold in thr barn and had to be lifted out by Farmer Lee and his cousin.


This year all was well. Really, it was. I got home from work with drinks for the crew, did some chores I needed to, ordered pizza for the crew, because ain’t nobody got time for cooking right now, and stepped right into a hole in the road while putting the pizzas in the truck. I mean, I could feel my ankle roll almost the entire way around before I plopped down on the ground.


I didn’t drop the pizzas though. And really, that’s what was important, right?


So my mother-in-law kindly took me to the ER while the crew rushed to get the last wagons in before a quick storm with 100 mph winds came through. All the wagons got safely put into barns just as it was starting.


And like I went crashing down, so did a tree in our steers’ meadow.


That being said, I’m clearly not the model farm wife. Our house is a disorganized mess and my garden grows exceptionally tall weeds. But at the end of the day, Farmer Lee, me, and Darla all curl up in bed and sleep well, even if it’s with an added air cast and by passing out from exhaustion. I don’t know life any other way.

Thought of the Week: Not the Perfect Farm Wife.


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