A life lived in earnest

If you remember, fellow Real Farm Wife of Berks County, Suzanne Meck, guest blogged back in August about her wild experience hauling cattle to the auction – just another day of livin’ the dream. If you need a recap, you can read it here. 

Unfortunately, Suzanne’s farmer fought the hard fight for 5 months when they discovered he had a rare form of lung cancer in September. He “experienced full healing” this past Tuesday, and while I’m so incredibly thankful he no longer has to suffer, and I am so mad that this happened to such great people, and at such a young age. It’s not fair and I HATE it.

An ag journalist met “Farmer Zach” back in 2009. Here, she pays tribute in a way I couldn’t. So, I share it with you.

A life lived in earnest.

Hug your loved ones TIGHT. Life’s not always fair, but I suppose everything happens for a reason.


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