Top 5 Consumer Questions from 2013 Farmer’s Markets

Top 5 Consumer Questions from 2013 Farmer’s Markets.

I liked this a lot! On our farm, we do plant (and our cows eat – which in turn we eat!) genetically modified corn and soybeans. As Farmer Dan’s Daughter points out, there are only a few crops that are available that are genetically modified. We choose to use the technology available to us on our farm. One of the most beneficial reasons is we are able to use less pesticides because the plants have a protein inserted in them which makes them resistant to specific insects which we would otherwise have to spray.

Regardless of what we do on our farm, we’re happy we live in a free country in which we have choices as to how we produce and/or select our food.


2 thoughts on “Top 5 Consumer Questions from 2013 Farmer’s Markets

  1. Thanks for pinging my blog! Glad you liked it! Just want to clarify that we don’t use GM vegetable seed but my family does plant GM field corn and soybeans. It was so much easier to say there is no GM vegetable seed when it didn’t exist. But now that it does, I try to clarify. I think my Dad just likes a certain couple of varieties of sweet corn and he hasn’t converted to the GM yet. Thanks! Christy Wright

    • Hi, Christy! It was a great post. We receive similar questions at the market – except we sell beef and pork, so question number one is “is it grass fed?” and question two is “do you feed GM crops?” I thought your family may plant GM row crops, but didn’t want to assume, either! Keep up the great posts! Best to you in 2014!

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