The Horrible, Terrible, Very Bad Doggie Named Darla

I love our dog, Darla. She brings much joy and fun to our lives. She also is a snuggler when she wants to be, which her mom loves. 

But today, Darla feared for her life, and rightfully so. 

Every morning, Darla goes out to feed the steers with her dad. Then, she comes in the house. For the past many weeks, her dad lets her back in the house and she runs upstairs and hops back into bed with her mom until her lazy mom decides to roll her sorry-self out of bed for work. However, this morning, dad decided to change it up, and penned her in the kitchen (which is about half the bottom floor of our house, btw) with her toys and didn’t let her back upstairs. 

This would all be fine. Except we just came back from Christmas at my parents. Which means there were bags of stuff on the floor. Bags of important stuff. Like presents. 

You should know last year for Christmas, Lee got me a ladder. Yes, a ladder. He said he’d redo any room in my house, and I picked the kitchen since that’s where I spend the most amount of time, but he didn’t deliver on that. Therefore, I got a ladder. He was told to do better this year, and he did. 

This year for Christmas, I got a set of pearls. 

So imagine my surprise when I come downstairs to find my DOG CHEWED MY PEARL NECKLACE INTO 7 ITSY PIECES and my pearl earrings and left the chewed box, and my chewed only pair of black dress shoes, in the middle of the kitchen rug. 

Dude, REALLY? Mom can’t have ANYTHING nice! (Some smartass somewhere is saying, well, she couldn’t have chewed the ladder! Don’t be that person. Just don’t. It’s cruel.)

So, tonight, Darla is better. She’s not fearing for her life. . . as much. She is laying in her big ol’ comfy new doggie bed, playing with her Darla-sized LambChop, and occasionally hopping over to the couch to spend quality time with her daddy. 

So, for Christmas this year, I got a restrung set of pearls that have been seasoned by Darla, and a story to share with you. 


One thought on “The Horrible, Terrible, Very Bad Doggie Named Darla

  1. OMG!!!! Darla, don’t you realize what a great mommy you have??? Are you insane Darla… NEVER chew ANYTHING of your momma’s… are very lucky to be alive Miss Darla…..And mommy, so sorry to hear she chose the one gift I know you were truly happy about getting. Farmer Lee better not think that he doesn’t need to get you nice gifts in the future because Miss Darla will only chew them up. Something similar happened to me and hence why I never got or will get flowers. So the moral of the story is Farmer Lee must not change Miss Darla’s routine and if he decides to pen her in the kitchen, he needs to make sure it is his gifts left for her to destroy and not momma’s. So I think I see a new set of pearls in momma’s future from Miss Darla!

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