Here’s to Charmed Farm Life in 2014

The following is a very incomplete list of all the things this farm wife would like to do in the new year. I thought maybe if I wrote them down y’all may hold me accountable. Here’s to a healthy, happy, prosperous 2014!

Cook more

Cook the things I’ve wanted to cook but haven’t (notice food are # 1 and 2. Priorities!)

Continue to meet the Real Farmwives once a month – it’s good for the soul.

Spend more time with my Darla

Get to the gym, or exercise, at least 5 days per week

Get the farm’s direct sales business organized

Decorate our on-farm “store”

Help the hubster do a better job with farm records

Save more $

Go on a vacation with hubster (We failed to do that in 2013. It wasn’t good.

Discover and drink more wines I love – if they’re PA wines, even better

Only have clothes in my closet (or laundry baskets) I want to wear

Find good dress shoes that fit well and I like

Organize and maintain my Etsy jewelry store

Make our home a more inviting place – not something I have to scurry to clean up anytime someone may be coming over.

Continue to learn more about agriculture so that I may do a better job telling our story.

Learn the names of all of our “regular” customers at the farmers’ market

Spend less time thinking about the things I should do and actually do them!


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