Mom Needs to Be More Like Darla

Mom Needs to Be More Like Darla

If we’re facebook friends, you know I’m a big fan of our puppy, Darla. I mean, just look at that face. How could you not love her? I’m sure there’s somebody who doesn’t, and they’re crazy.

Darla has a problem with Mom. You see, Mom works. She works ALL the time. And ALL the time, she’s on that stupid computer. (Yep, see? She’s on it right now telling you ALL about it.)

Here in lies the problem. Mom’s on the computer all day at work. Then mom comes home and does more work. And then starts working on farm marketing stuff. And then plays around on facebook to see what other farms and farmers are up to in order to see what she’s not doing. Or what she hasn’t been reading up on. Then she makes dinner for dad, or goes to zumba, or a meeting, or volunteers. Or whatever other gazillion things she does that does not involve the precious Darla!

The moral of the story is mom needs to learn to prioritize, do what needs done today, and learn to conquer the rest tomorrow so she can love on DARLA! So here’s the question: How do YOU conquer what needs done today, and how do YOU just let go of the rest?!


One thought on “Mom Needs to Be More Like Darla

  1. Jodi – I too had a beagle companion for a long time….a present from my husband for our first married Christmas. Not only was she a great companion, but also a great watchdog, hunter and everything else. Wishing you lots of great times with miss Darla!!

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