Guest Blog: “I had a ‘Jodi moment’ and now I’m roped into writing a blog.”

Jodi Note: My life changed for the better when I met a fellow farm wife, Suzanne, through our mutual friend, Reachel. We now comprise the “Real Farm Wives of Berks County” part of the “Real Farm Wives of Berks County & Friends” meeting group, and I think we all definitely benefit from our time spent together! (Looking forward to Friday’s Fun Night! WHOOP!) Suzanne said she had what she referred to as a “Jodi Moment” and I volunteered her to guest blog. Here, she shares her story, and I’m sure you’ll be entertained. I don’t think “Jodi Moments” are really just for Jodi. I have yet to meet a farm wife who has NOT had one of these, oh crap, what did I get myself into moments. I just choose to share them with you, my loyal readers, followers, haters, whatevers!, so you, too, can laugh and appreciate the ridiculousness that is the charmed life of the farmer’s wife. 

Without further adieu,  I bring you a story from the also charmed farm wife, Suzanne. Image

Photo from Zach Meck’s Facebook from their 2012 wedding! Lots of cool people got married in 2012. 🙂

Anyone that has been there can tell you, when it comes to ‘living the dream’ of farming, you end up with lots of ‘Jodi’ stories. I myself had a Jodi Moment and upon telling her she replied ‘Great – why don’t you guest blog about it!’ Why did I open my mouth?!

So here we go!

My husband is a dairy farmer and I work full-time off the farm. When you live in this kind of situation, you take dates when you can get them. One recent day, my husband was hauling cattle to the sales stables and invited me to go along. Naturally the three-hour round trip drive is every gals dream date. Plus, if I’m good, he’ll even buy me a bowl of chicken corn soup once we unload the cows. Ah the life!

There are four large cows on the trailer and we can feel them dancing around, causing the trailer to swing and sway the whole way down the road. About half way through our trip a friend passes and flashes his lights in a neighborly fashion.  Next thing I know, my husband locks up the brakes. ‘We’ve got cows out!’ he cries!

No time to think (or even put on shoes…) out of the truck I jump! The sliding door of the trailer has come off and two cows are trotting down the road away from us. Quickly we block the remaining two cows to the front of the trailer and put the door back on.

Our friend has also stopped and his sister and I go trotting down the road after the two run aways. Meanwhile, a crowd is gathering. The old couple that live in a nearby house have come out and recount their tale of cows in the road. A town road worker has stopped and has a broom in hand. Several cars in both directions have gathered to watch the shenanigans.

All in all, the situation is much better than it could have been. We have multiple people who know how to handle cattle, a retaining wall and pasture fence prevent the cows from straying too far and to top it off, some passerby happens to have hay that we can use to lure the vagrants back into the trailer. Talk about luck!

Before we know it, all escapees are back in the cattle trailer and aside from a few small scrapes, no one is worse for the ware. We borrowed a ratchet strap to ensure no more mishaps. I swear we aren’t red necks but if you went through this kind of experience, you would surely strap the door on as well!

We arrive at the sales stables and I have never been so happy to get cows off the trailer! What’s that I smell? Some chicken corn noodle… If there are two things you should know about me,  they would be that I love to eat and I have a fabulous sense of smell. It’s a deadly combination.

Perhaps not the best date that I have ever been on but definitely one that I won’t forget any time soon!”


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