This is NOT an Innocent Steer

This is NOT an Innocent Steer

In fact, this particular steer friend and I had a show down. I eventually won, hence, he is pictured here inside his new fence.

Why did we have a show down?

You STILL ask all the right questions!

We moved the steers to pasture last weekend. They have been in the barn, and we’ve wanted to move them outside, but needed to get new fence put up. Then we got new fence and needed gates. It was a long process, but it’s done now, and the steers are on pasture.

Have you ever moved steers? Here’s the thing: Steers aren’t usually handled like milking cows. Milking cows (the mamas to these steers) are milked USUALLY twice a day. They see their human friends. They most often know their human friends are there to help them. These steers, even though they are fed twice a day by humans, are not handled. They aren’t touched. So, while they like to get close to humans and smell them, they get close, and then they jump back because humans are scary creatures.

But why did we have the show down?

Moving steers at our farm isn’t easy. We’re not set up with the appropriate gates and panels to move from barn to pasture. We use the piles of vehicles we have as a chute system to move steers when we need to (and a system of gates when we’re loading out to go to the butcher shop). Regardless, the steers moved very well. They had enough room, we moved them slow and calmly, and they enjoyed kicking up their heels on the fluffy early summer grass.

Then, this steer, this black meany steer, decided he had enough of this new home – which was many acres – and BUSTED through our chain link yard fence and made a V-line for our front porch!

And so, the show down began.

Mr. Black Steer’s steer friends decided they wanted to join him in the yard, and pretty soon we had about 6 steers kicking up their heels on our lawn.

Did I mention my mom and sister were here for this rodeo? Because they were. And they were not dressed appropriately to be wrangling steers. They were dressed to go drink wine, which is what we were planning to do before Mr. Black Steer got this urge to bolt.

So I bolted into our yard fence, and began waving my arms and clapping and yelling “HEY!” like a crazy person. PS – I was in shorts, a tank top, and flip flops. This is also not appropriate working cattle attire. If Farmer Lee were in my place, he would have allie-ooped himself over the yard fence. However, I don’t have his agile, cat-like reflexes, or long legs, so I had to walk around the fence and through the gate.

I digress.

Mr. Black Steer and his cronies got within inches of me, but they didn’t get to my porch! They eventually spun around, trampled back over the chain link fence, and back into their pasture home.

And then, we had about an hour where we had to figure out why the electric fence wasn’t working.

And THEN, Farmer Lee and his dad had to spend another half hour fixing the fence.

AND THEN, I made burgers for lunch for the wranglers.

Man, Mr. Black Steer is going to taste good. I just hope we don’t have to show down again before he heads to hamburger heaven.


4 thoughts on “This is NOT an Innocent Steer

  1. You go Jodi, no black steer will ever mess with you again. I am glad you showed him and his posey who really is boss. Don’t they know not to mess with Farmer Lee’s wife???? And I am sure he will be the best tasting hamburger you ever had!!!!
    Any word on Henretta?

    • Thank you, Kay! You are really too kind 🙂

      Henrietta is still MIA. Lee’s dad thinks he has seen her in the last week but neither Lee or I have. I’ll keep you posted when we have a sighting!

  2. Jodi you need to shimmy and shake those steers into their pasture rather than jumping that fence like Farmer Lee. Farmer Lee should be grateful he has a great woman like you to wrangle those steers back to their pasture!

    • HAHA, Kristin! I’m a sight to be seen, but I get the job done, and I’m lucky enough to do it all with a pretty appreciative other half. Good thing those steers taste good! 🙂

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