Tonight, I Took the Night Off

Tonight, I Took the Night Off

That’s right. Tonight, I took the night off.

And by took the night off, I mean I got home from a whirlwind day running to a training which took me 1.5 hours to get to, running to the office, running for lunch because I failed to grab something at home, running back to said training, and taking another 1.5 hours to get home. I walked in the door, threw dinner (kielbasa, can of sauerkraut, caraway seeds, some fennel, and 1/2 a bottle of Angry Orchard cider – which, PS, was delicious) in the oven, started a load of wash, planted watermelon and a few tomatoes in the garden, watered said garden, made some sides to go with dinner (biscuits and corn), found some freezers on Craigslist for our freezer beef, made some calls about freezers, ate dinner, developed a tracking system for beef sales, told Lee all about said freezers and tracking system when he got home, got a shower, and started writing this blog.

In this life I lead, that’s taking the night off. I’m absolutely sure it’s not unlike your nights off, too. By sharing this, I don’t mean to make myself sound important, or crazy, or spastic, or any of those things.

We’ve all got a story. We’ve all got a TON of crazy things going on in our lives. We’ve all got to-do lists miles long. And most of us do the best we can each day. For ourselves. Our families. Our friends. Our work. You get the drift.

It was a lovely night off. I even captured this great photo. While making my sides for dinner, I glanced out the door and saw the familiar orange glow on the barn windows. That means one thing – there is a super awesome sunset waiting outside, and I NEED to take the time to go check it out. So I skipped outside with my cell phone and captured this photo to share with you. You know, since I haven’t MADE time to blog in a while. (Blog fail!)

So next time you’re “taking the night off,” don’t get too caught up on the list-of-things-to-do, and take time to enjoy the small things like the super awesome sunset.


2 thoughts on “Tonight, I Took the Night Off

  1. Well said my dear friend, and totally agree. “Nights off” come far and few between these days. So enjoy them. Love the photo!

  2. Yes, Jodi, you said it well….that is a night off!! I am hoping for one tonight, but it will involved having 2-3 grandkids staying over – can that really be called a night off?? FYI – I may know of another freezer if you still need one…lol

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