Who has time to read blogs?

First, a few housekeeping things:

If you’re following our business plan saga, know that our business plan is still in the same state it was before – a few notes written on about 18.325 different pieces of paper (you know, because I tear off paper from another paper and write a note on it and stick it in the binder when I’m thinking of something we should really remember to add. . .). That’s a project for a rainy day soon – or when I’m really bored in the middle of planting season and don’t know what Farmer Lee looks like anymore or remember the last time he showered.

I’m starting to post recipes. Finally. I probably won’t post those to Facebook though, unless there’s a demand for that sort of thing. Please note not all recipes are my own. Some are, some are recipes from other really good cooks, like Pioneer Woman, and other really good cooks. 🙂 I’ll give credit where it’s due. Promise. Just check that section every now and then for good eats.

And last but not least, Mom sent me a text that said, “Please don’t ever blog about me.” Hey, Mom. I’m blogging about you! I’m blogging about you! I’m blogging about you!

Now that we have that out of the way, we can get on to more serious matters. 🙂

Yes, really. Serious.

Yesterday for work, I co-hosted an event about social media in agriculture. I recruited some of the best agriculturalists I know to come and share their stories of how they got started and why and how they use social media.

We were asked, “Who reads blogs? Why wouldn’t they just read a fact-based story from (insert name of a big fancy newspaper here)? Who has time for that?”

Here’s my two cents, for what it’s worth:

First, you KNOW my answer for who HAS TIME to read blogs. Everyone HAS time to read blogs. Only some MAKE time. 🙂 (You knew that was coming. And don’t worry. I shared that gem.) 🙂

People read blogs because they aren’t always interested in “the facts.” They are interested in people’s opinions. They are interested in real life.

Have I told you before I can’t make this stuff up?

Because I CAN’T!

Why do I blog?

Have you ever been woke up to be told there is a rat in your toilet, only to find out that a wet squirrel really does look like a rat? Has your boyfriend-now-husband asked you if he could shoot said “rat” in your toilet? Has your boyfriend-now-husband ever pulled you into said tiny bathroom, closed the door behind you, and said, “I’m going to open up the toilet and when the ‘rat’ jumps out, get ready to stomp on it!” Has that happened to you? NO! But I bet you think that’s FUNNY! It isn’t, by the way. Especially the “stomp it” part. You know how that squirrel got in? The attic! In our old farm house! The one in which you’re jealous of the deep windows! Take your deep windows! I’ll live without the ‘rats!’

Have you ever been home alone SIX TIMES when steers got out of the fence when you were HOME ALONE?! That one may be funny the first time, maybe the second, but by the sixth you’re questioning your sanity and composure.

Stories like these, and more, are what you, my reader friend, have to look forward to.

Why do I share my story?

You STILL ask all the right questions. You’re amazing. 🙂

Because I married into the farm life. Not everyone was born on a farm. And that’s OK! Only 2% of the population is directly involved in agriculture. It’s the responsibility of the 2% to share with the other 98% why they do what they do. Consumers have never been more interested in how food gets to their dinner plate. Buck up, 2%! You’ve got a job to do!

So I’ll tell you about my “rats,” my steers, and my badass duck Henrietta. (More on Henrietta and why she’s a badass soon.) Because the 98% need to know why the life of the farm wife is just so darned charmed. 🙂


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