A typical Saturday as the Farm Wife

I almost crawled out of bed before Farmer Lee this morning. Almost. He jumped out before me. Probably just wanted to beat me since I was way more motivated than him last Saturday. Oh well.

I get up, bead some (that’s my hobby. It keeps me out of trouble.), start laundry. You know, the usual chores. I make myself a smoothie as Lee comes back in for some unknown reason.

“I thought you were leaving.”

“I was. Did I ruin your plans?”


“Call him and tell him to wait a couple minutes.” (You know, about the “boyfriend” I have on the side. I’d say I don’t have time for him, but I can’t. (See previous post – the difference between “I don’t have time.” and ” I won’t make time.”)

“Do you want coffee for your morning?”

“Sure.” Moments later after I went to change for Zumba, “I had to put water in it.” as he points to the Keurig. Ooh. That’s hard.

“Did you know how to do it?”

“Hey, I was the first one to use it.” He gives me a kiss goodbye.

“Your lips are cold.”

“Probably from the smoothie I just drank.”

“They’re cold. Like your heart.” “I LOVE YOU, JODI.”

Sure ya do, punk. I’ll remember that.

So, he goes to work on a truck with his friend. I’m sure it involved a lot of beer drinking. Busch of all beers. I don’t like beer to begin with, but that’s gross.

I Zumba’d and got my hair cut. I also went to a farm market to see if a meat stand would be interested in buying steers. I don’t think they were, but ya never know. See? I do do SOME things on the farm. (More on that saga in another blog. I won’t make time for that right now. AH, you’re catching on, aren’t you? 🙂 )

There was another moment this afternoon in which he had to immediately say, “I LOVE YOU, JODI.” but clearly it was so epic I forgot already. Oops. Must have been the wine I was drinking while cleaning. (That’s how cleaning gets done here.)

No pearls earned today, but if you don’t crack a smile, you may have a cold heart, too. 🙂


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