What is so wrong about shaving?

My husband, the homely lookin’ farmer, refuses to shave. Growing facial hair isn’t one of his strong suites. It takes forever to grow. So, why bother? Just shave your scruffy face already! So this morning, we had the following conversation.

J: “Why don’t you just shave already? You look homeless.”

L: “I don’t want to spoil you. People would be like, ‘You have the cutest boyfriend ever. He’s such a cute boyfriend,’ and it would go to your head and you’d be like, ‘I have the cutest boyfriend ever.'”

Long pause.

“Husband. Whatever.”

In what parallel universe would this really happen? What color was the light that beamed him here from another planet?

I guess we’ll never know.


4 thoughts on “What is so wrong about shaving?

      • He shaves it every year for my birthday. SO glad that is only a few weeks away. But all the men in my family have beards. In fact, I have never actually seen my dad without a beard in my life. they were bearded long before a beard became trendy!

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